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Simple, Fast Loading & Responsive Websites

Sounds easy enough doesn't it? Creating a website with these virtues is harder than it looks. Many businesses try to outdo each other and go overboard with their websites. They often end up cluttering visibility and hindering user experience. If the website is very flashy, it may be slow to load, difficult to navigate, scrolling can be bumpy as the screen freezes up. Freezing can happen when images are too large and effects are too heavy and cause the pages to load slowly. At Richard Yaffe Designs we are all about keeping it simple. Simple is clean - simple is fast - and simple is beautiful.



Responsive Web Design

Ever visit a website on your smart phone, only to find that it's a teeny tiny version of a website crammed into your phone screen? You have to zoom in really close and pan around just to see the buttons, let alone to press a link with your seemingly gigantic finger. These websites are not responsive.

Responsive web design gives your clients a greater user experience when visiting your site. It means that visitors will see your site clearly and be able to read everything no matter what device they visit on (computer, phone or tablet).

It also means that you will rank better on Google. Google changed its search relevance criteria on April 21st 2015 to include Responsive Web Design. It boosts Responsive websites in the natural listings - and penalizes websites that are not Responsive. This is because more than half of all website visits are made from mobile phones.screens