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Over Ten Years of Marketing Experience

I have worked in different fields of Marketing for many years and have first hand experience in just about every form of Marketing there is. I have worked in Promotional Products, Brick & Mortar store level and POS messaging, Online Copywriting, PR Copywriting, B2B Copywriting, Music Program Management, Installation Design & Manufacture for many different needs, Signage Copywriting, Flyer Copywriting, and the list goes on and on. I have been gifted with the ultimate exposure that can only be gained from a large in-house Marketing Department experience. I have tackled every aspect of Marketing a business - including the re-branding of three large companies at the same time.

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Content Creation

I can create any kind of Presentation Literature (and graphics) that you need. This includes information relayed about your business or project, presented to your end user/audience through professionally written text that can be shown to them by any medium you can think of (Print, Radio, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blog Writing, animated Powerpoint Presentations, B2B & B2C).  Of course there is content for your social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but I also do Presentation Content that goes on signage & flyers for the general public as well as more professional marketing that you would like to present to prospective business partners. Basically, I've got you covered for presenting anything to any end-user/audience no matter who they are. I love to write articles for marketing materials, blogs and/or magazines.



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