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Graphic Design For Every Occasion

With a background in Marketing and a history in Cartoon Animation, I can certainly bring something original to the table. I started drawing cartoons in my youth and eventually my journey led me into the field of Cartoon Animation. While working as a special effects editor for kids' shows I picked up graphic design from my artsy colleagues in the profession. It was through Graphic Design that I eventually entered the field of Marketing and as we all know, the two are generally inseparable. slider1c

Print Design, Logo Design, Graphic Elements...

for all your design needs. There really isn't any type of graphic that I can't do. I've tried to think of naming them all but it started to get tedious! Seriously, if you can think of it, I can do it - no graphic is too big (I have designed billboards for the highway) and no graphic is too small (I have designed special graphics to be printed on small objects like pens and USB sticks). Think of a type of graphic off the top of your head right now... YES - I can do that. I'm really not trying to toot my own horn it's just that all graphics are "scalable" which means that electronic art files can be created large enough to cover the entire side of a building and it really doesn't require any additional special schooling or training. A graphic is a graphic so long as it's done nicely and suits the project and the audience. Just sayin'.